This is incredible research and analysis, but I know that many in the Canadian writing community still blindly believe AB's allegations. A lawsuit ruling in favour of Steven Galloway would go some way to changing their minds, but even then I am not sure it will redress the situation. This leaves me perplexed. It took us hundreds of years to establish the principle of judicial fairness, and now in the last ten years, that principle has been seriously undermined.

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* clapping* This is a brillant!

I'm glad the truth about Keith Maillard is coming out. Is it true he fled the USA without documents? Is it true he conned his way into marrying an established West Vancouver family? Was it a coincidence his late mother-in-law was an established writer? Is he the original 90 day fiancée? Did he decide that West Van was the wokest place to live in Vancouver?

I hope Mr. Maillard has nice footy PJS for his slumber parties with students when his wife is away.

Thank you Brad. Your work is appreciated.

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“Steven Galloway, pool bitch” is the funniest punchline to this whole sexcapade!

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